Your Journey to Integral Health Starts Here:

Your journey to Integral Health is exactly that – a Journey. You did not arrive at this point in your health and non-well being overnight and therefore, depending on how long you have been out of balance, it can take several sessions to unravel and for there to be significant changes. Most people will see and feel changes from the first appointment, but on average 5-6 sessions are recommended to enable us to get to the root cause and make lasting improvements.

The first appointment is usually up to 90 minutes and includes a full case history, a balance of the main 14 muscles, meridians and body systems. Depending on your requirements we also investigate pathogens and basic food sensitivities. Subsequent appointments last up to 60 minutes and will build on the work of the previous session.

Appointments are also available via Skype or Zoom, though I like to have a conversation first to determine if this meets your needs before booking.

If you are a new client I like to have an initial conversation with you about your specific needs. You can book an appointment by emailing me on: or calling: 07791 835119


Nutritional supplements are often a vital part of your healing but not all supplements are the same quality ingredients, and the beauty of kinesiology is that we can find out exactly which formula is right for you, eg there are hundreds of Vitamin C supplements available but only a few which your body will utilise effectively. I only recommend nutritional supplements from companies whose quality and ingredients I trust, and also only those which test up for your body. You can usually order these directly from the company by following the links in the shop. Occasionally I will need to order something on your behalf.

I am currently working on adding an online booking system to allow you to book single and multiple sessions directly through the website. Please bear with me whilst I investigate the best solution!