Here are a few words from some of the clients I've worked with…

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“I have been seeing Angiras for many years now. Initially I had taken my daughter for treatment but seeing how kinesiology had a profound impact on her, decided to have a go myself. Since seeing Angiras we have dealt with a number of health issues... physical, mental and emotional and I don't know what I would do without her! I am much more self aware and she is my go-to health advisor! Her knowledge is growing all the time and she has even researched specific conditions for me. I have recommended Angiras to many people, all of whom have found her help, advice and care beneficial”. Karen T

Kinesiology is a very interesting way of discovering what your body is trying to tell you. I found Angiras's approach professional and caring. She is very knowledgeable about her subject and gives good, clear explanations of what she is doing and why. – A.L.

Since I began seeing Angiras my health and wellbeing have improved massively. Not only has Angiras helped me with specific health issues but she has also helped me to deal with and get to the root of existing long term issues that have been holding me back. Angiras has helped me to rediscover my own power and confidence and I cannot thank her enough. Angiras has opened up a new world to me with Kinesiology and her knowledge and professionalism continue to impress me. Thank you! - C.D.

“I have been very impressed and amazed at how the treatment works.  It is quite amazing how accurate it is without involving any blood tests or drugs/medication – totally natural.  My intolerances have been diagnosed and we have worked towards curing them. The treatment room is very nice, clean and a calming environment.  Angiras is very friendly and professional and explains what she is doing clearly and accurately. At the end of the day I think that it’s great that something so natural is working for me and making me feel better and hoping that it cures me for good.” - Gill W.

“I arrived by chance at treatment by Kinesiology, after trying various mainstream options.  Though these had been effective in the short-term, I was not ready to have to manage a condition over the long-term. I was looking for a road to wellness and health. Sadly these are not prescribed in general practice.  Though I remained profoundly sceptical to the explanations and reasoning of the techniques, I accepted that to a significant degree wellness and health are a state of mind. This is a view supported by this practice and so far I have not been disappointed.  As a scientist I was very surprised at the depth of penetration into buried psychological junk that I was barely aware of.  As a holistic approach to health and well-being, I would recommend this to the open minded and the curious sceptics” John H

“I had been suffering from stomach trouble, unexplained anger and a whole lot of emotional issues. I’ve only had two treatments and it has made a difference. If you are struggling with a whole lot of unexplained concerns, I would recommend you to try getting a treatment at least for the diagnosis, which is spot on!” Su B

The kinesiology treatments that Angiras has given me have been so beneficial to my health and wellbeing. She is very skilful at detecting what your body needs and then helps to treat, correct or balance it. My situation is more unusual than those of the majority of her other clients but she was cleverly able to adapt her treatment and advice to fit what I am able to do. She is very knowledgeable, is easy to talk to, is kind, reassuring & understanding and gives great advice for you to help yourself. It is worth listening to & taking her advice as she knows what she is talking about! Some of my ailments have vastly improved or are in remission thanks to her treatments & advice. I only return to therapists who I feel comfortable with & who do make a positive difference to my health and Angiras is 1 of those. I actually look forward to my treatments with her, they are more of a treat (I guess she is able to put the "TREAT" into "TREATments"!) than something to be endured & I do miss not having them, if I'm not able to have them for a time & start to feel "out of balance" within myself. So, I would definitely recommend her & her kinesiology treatments to others. Many thanks for all of your help, Angiras. It is very much appreciated by me! :-)   L.R.

I have found Kinesiology with Angiras very useful for myself and my family. I try to attend regularly to keep my mind and body flowing freely. Angiras picks up on things which are relevant. Anne M.

“Over the years I have had several treatments from Angiras Auro for chronic conditions such as muscle pains, bad digestion and being overweight. It is always a good experience to be with Angiras, she is so kind and understanding that I feel I am in the hands of a good friend who cares about me and my health. She is also highly professional and her treatments have invariably produce positive results as well as a general sense of wellbeing”. Judith R

I” have spent 23 years going to intollerance and allergy specialists who said they couldn’t help. Though I was sceptical, I have come to you and it has worked. For the first time in 23 years you have been able to do what no one else in 23 years has, and so quickly. You have realligned my weird body and I think you are fantastic. It is good to be sceptical but keep an open mind – people don’t have to know why or how it works. I have studied physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and neurology at university and am a qualified nurse. You have changed my life in such a short time. Thank you.”
Mary H.

“Dear Angiras, Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, especially my daughter. If things had been left conventional medicine I worry that we would be in a much worse place after 12 months of stress & horridness! 5 weeks after s tarting treatment with you, she was back to normal, such a relief for a parent. For me it has been a real joy dealing with you. My health issues have disappeared and any emotional problems are now well on the way to being resolved. I feel better mentally, physically & spiritually. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone”.  Leigh-Ann W.

“This treatment has been fantastic for me. Years of emotional baggage have been removed after each session (I’ve got quite a lot to clear) and I feel so much better and able to cope. I cannot recommend this enough. Everyone should give it a try. Thank you so much Angiras.” Yasmin Stark

Kinesiology treatment with Angiras has has helped enormously with identifying and treating intolerances, both food and plant. Additionally, Angiras’s expertise has allowed me to feel safe expressing extremely private and distressing feelings, which have subsequently been resolved with her recommended treatment. Barbara B.

“I have had kinesiology sessions and learn a lot about my body and intolerances and what my body needs. I am now able to recognise certain ways of my body and understand how to balance my health back. Angiras is a very talented healer. Thank-you” Amy

I have been working with Angiras for over 4 years and whilst I do not hold a regular appointment I always feel that she is 100% committed to helping me whenever I make contact with her which includes asking advice by text. I truly feel that she is dedicated to helping improve whatever issues or symptoms that present and always feel a big difference whenever I have seen her. Her knowledge about the body and yet willingness to explore and learn when something new pops up allows me to feel that I am on a journey with her rather than being dictated to by someone who knows better than I. I am so grateful to have found her and continue to see her as and when I can and need to to help look after myself in all areas; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Thank you Angiras x C.A.

 Angiras is very knowledgable and caring. I find the treatments interesting and very effective in helping resolve some of the issues that I have with my physical and mental health. A.C.

I have felt completely safe and secure in Angiras care. Enabling complete honesty with myself and her, whilst remaining confidential. The results have been ‘life-saving’ in regards to not falling into helpless, dark depression! Have always felt better after a treatment! – T.L.

Angiras helped my daughter primarily several years ago, solving health issues within days that our local GP couldn't help with after several months of repeat appointments, just putting the issues down to food intolerances & leaving it for us to work out. At the end of my tether I looked for alternative and complementary therapies. Not knowing a thing about Kinesiology, Angiras diagnosed the issue over the phone when I rang to book our initial appointment, purely from me describing my daughter's illness & symptoms. Wow!! Since then the whole family have continued to benefit from sessions with Angiras, the children enjoy their sessions with her, and we leave with clear instructions and know that if there are any issues we can always pick up the phone. Her friendly & professional manner instantly puts you at ease, and she explains what she is doing throughout the session. I would have no hesitation in referring Kinesiology, especially Angiras to all family and friends. It's natural, non-invasive and more importantly, it works! – LW

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